December 4, 2022

Make A Download Page To Increase Your Ebook Revenues!

Therefore, you need a method for the customer to download their purchase after you’ve sold an ebook on eBay or your own website. Take some time to reflect on the goals you have for this process before thinking about any potential methods.

The possibility of a backend income from this portion of the sale is often overlooked by sellers, along with the obvious things like making sure the customer receives their ebook in good time and has a quick, problem-free download.

This is perfectly demonstrated by many sellers choice to send their ebooks in either of these two ways:

1) as a file attached to an email. Delivery via email attachment isn’t a good idea because some people are unable to open attachments, your outbox will be constantly full due to the size of the emails you’re sending, and if your customers’ inbox is full, they won’t even receive your email!

2) a direct email link to the zip file The fact that you won’t be able to provide the buyer with any additional services, similar to attachments, makes this a bad decision.

The most efficient and lucrative way for the customer to receive their product is through a download page, in the end.

To create a download page with the domain name of your choice, such as, you must first, if you haven’t already, register with a web host. This appears very polished.

If you want to get the buyer to your download page after they’ve finished paying, you can either manually send them an email link that directs them there or, for a much better option, sign up for a digital delivery service like, which will either immediately redirect the buyer to your download page after they’ve finished paying or send them an automatic pre-written email that contains the redirection link.

But what you put on the download page itself is the real deal-breaker!

Make sure to thank the customer for their order in two or three sentences at the beginning. This makes the transaction as pleasant as it can be, and if you sold the ebook on eBay, those words will help ensure that you get good feedback.

Now you have a choice between adding the download link right away or delaying it until later on in the page while enticing the customer with incredible deals. Personally, I favor the latter.

If you don’t like the idea, you can always advertise someone else’s product as an affiliate! You can advertise some of your more expensive products giving the buyer the option to purchase more before they download! Visit and select one of the over 100,000 products there (ideally one that works well with your ebook) to start earning commissions of up to 75% on sales.

Your download page might be the ideal location to collect email addresses that you need to use to grow your mailing list. Give away something worthwhile, then include an opt-in box, and before you know it, you might have a lifelong client!

A few Google ads should also be incorporated. Open a Google AdSense account to list text ads (that are pertinent to your content) for free by clicking “Advertising Programs” on Google’s home page. Once someone clicks on one of these ads, you’ll get paid, and that’s a great additional source of income.

The download link for your ebook is clearly marked after each of these marketing plug-ins, along with any necessary download instructions. Include your contact information and a link to your website after that.

In order to maximize the post-sale period and create an additional income stream, you must create a well-structured download page.

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