December 5, 2022

IPod movies: Should You Pay to Watch Them or Download Them for Free?

Many iPod users only know about the iPod movie downloads they can get from

the Apple store. They only go to the Apple store even for simple

downloads like wallpapers – because they have no idea that there are

masses of excellent quality downloads (with much better range than Apple

provides) that are absolutely free!

Now, Apple has some fantastic news. Consider Apple’s iPod movie

rental ‘deal’.

Worldwide, more than 119 million iPods have been sold.

Now if only 10% of iPod owners rent one movie or TV show

each day, and each rental costs $3 a pop, then Apple makes

36 million dollars – A DAY, or 365 x 36, or $13 BILLION annually!!

And I am being conservative because I will bet that more

than 10% of iPod users rent movies on any one day – and most of the movies that

they hire will be new releases at FOUR dollars a pop.

And for our 13 BILLION dollars, what do we get? We get to watch the

movie ONCE.

Now I have movies in my DVD collection that I have watched 15 to 20

times. It would cost me $45-$60 to rent the movie and watch it that many

times on my iPod!

In fact, like most people, I OWN movies that I like so that I CAN watch

them over and over without having to keep paying out rental fees.

So it was great news to find out that I can do the same thing with my

iPod movies. For a small membership fee (less than the cost of watching

As many times as I have seen Oceans Eleven!!) I joined a site that allows me

to actually I can download any movie I want and OWN it.

These days, I can watch these films on my iPod whenever the mood strikes.

AND I now have a great library of all my favorite movies that I can watch on

my iPod.

The other crazy thing I have observed is that many iPod users seem to want

to be able to download movies direct to their iPod. But this means that they CAN’T

keep them. The memory on our iPods simply isn’t large enough to store movies.

As a result, they are essentially asking Apple to empty their bank account.

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