December 9, 2022

Hypnosis in conversation: Mind control or magic?

It’s no wonder that many of us are confused about the difference in meaning between such arcane terms as “Magic,” “Mind Control,” “Conversational Hypnosis,” and “Hypnotism” when we are under a constant barrage of sensational “hype” to sell us The mass media uses the same methods as some of the proponents of these disciplines in its TV shows, movies, and news reports about these topics. “A bit of a vicious circle,” you might say, and you might be right.

Now that we’ve examined the key component of all the apparent speculation, let’s try to solve this mystery. That would be of course conversational hypnosis, because it encompasses all the other elements previously mentioned:

  • Just because it seems magical to the uninitiated.
  • Because conversational hypnosis gives you access to a person’s unconscious mind, you can use it to manipulate their behavior and emotions.
  • Because that is what it is, hypnotism.

The late Dr. Milton Erickson MD, PhD is credited with inventing conversational hypnosis as we know it today. He worked as a doctor in the US at a time when the American Medical Association forbade using hypnosis on patients. However, he had a strong belief in the efficacy of hypnosis as a therapeutic tool for the management of specific conditions experienced by his patients. He was therefore forced to come up with a method of hypnotizing people that would be undetectable to both his subject and any observers. He is currently acknowledged as the era’s leading medical hypnotist.

Sadly, this great man is no longer with us, but another brilliant genius by the name of Igor Ledochowski has studied his teachings and methods with zeal and enthusiasm and has written several highly regarded professional publications on the subject of learning hypnosis. He has created a fantastic in-depth digital course that shows us how to use conversational hypnosis in our daily lives, which is fortunate for those of us who are interested in learning more about this awesome subject in order to improve life on a personal level. It’s quick and simple to download and use this at home.

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