December 9, 2022

Finding Free PSP Game Downloads: The Secret

We receive a lot of questions from people asking where they can download PSP games now that the PSP is quickly becoming the most well-liked handheld gaming system to ever hit the market. It’s a great question because you have options for finding any PSP for download directly from your computer.

In light of this, we decided to create a brief guide outlining your options for locating PSP game downloads. The choices you have are primarily limited to two.

Option #1 – PSP Game Downloads

You first option is to go on the internet and run a search for websites that advertise having “free PSP downloads”. There are a few websites that fall under this category, but before you download anything, there are a few things you should be aware of.

The fact that these websites are loaded with malware and viruses is the main problem we have with them. These websites have been taken down for this very reason on a few occasions in recent months. You can never be certain of what you are downloading because they aren’t at all monitored.

Another major issue with these websites is that many of the games don’t work and the game downloads are incredibly slow. They have a lot of “corrupt” files or mislabeled games so you will often be frustrated when your download finishes and it isn’t what you were hoping for. Waiting for something to finish downloading for more than a day only to find out it doesn’t even work is incredibly annoying.

Because of the issues listed above, we don’t advise using these websites. You risk infecting your computer, but you could also lose a lot of time in the process.

Option #2 – PSP Game Downloads

This option gets rid of every issue you found with the first one. Utilizing dedicated PSP download websites, you can find PSP game downloads, movies, music, and more. These websites are run by expert businesses that spend money on them to ensure that the download speeds are quick, the game selection is current, and all the files are virus-free.

There is a slight catch in that it will cost you a few dollars. However, the cost is reasonable given that you can download any PSP game (or movie) you like.

PSP download membership websites come in two varieties. Some will only charge you once, while others will bill you on a monthly basis.

Our advice is to limit your search to those that charge a single, flat fee (roughly $35–45) for limitless downloads. For as long as your PSP is in your possession, you will only incur one billing cycle and be able to login and download new games whenever you like.

Visit to find out how to sign up for a few of these websites’ free trial memberships. When you register, you will also receive the necessary software, and installation will take 5 to 10 minutes.

The websites that demand a monthly fee ultimately cost a lot more money. Around $30 in monthly fees means that the cost quickly mounts.

Even though we have been concentrating on PSP game downloads, it’s important to note that these websites also provide unlimited access to music and movie downloads. Many “movie-buffs” sign up just for the movies alone.

It’s difficult to imagine yourself ever purchasing a game at the store again once you get into the habit of downloading PSP games. By being able to complete everything at your computer, you end up saving a significant amount of time in addition to money.

More and more people are finding out about PSP downloads which we imagine will lead to PSP games downloads becoming to “standard” way most people look for games. It’s undoubtedly a quick and significantly less expensive way to keep your PSP stocked with the newest and most well-liked games and movies. All the best!

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